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Highway in Holland

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Highway in Holland webcamFLV Add
WebCam of the Amsterdam Cruise Ship Terminal. Watch the ships on the IJ in Amsterdam Amsterdam
Franks X-MAS wishes to you Purmerend(NL)
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I had a list added here, but due to abuse this list is removed!!

Add your favorite webcam here. Specify either your URL address or if you don't have one, your ip address + port:
URL:  OR  IP Address: and Port:
Comment: City:
Specify your email to maintain your URL's:


If something is wrong. Please tell us about it. You can also try the following link:


for JPG images.

Download : sourceforge.net webcamFLV


Get the latest Flash Player


webcamFLV is created to display a webcam in streaming mode on the web. It uses FFmpeg
as the encoder to convert the webcam images to FLV Flash Live Video
You can adjust the transfer rate in the Settings options menu. Depending on the specified
transfer rate the quality will increase or decrease!!
Interested ? Please comment on any subject to us.


For installing the bin:webcamFLV

After downloading the release zip file:
1 Create a folder
2 Open the ZIP file
3 Unzip the files into the folder
4 Connect the webcam
5 Start the exe webcamflv
6 Open a browser
7 Goto url: http://www.syspert.nl/webcamflv/webcamlcl.php
8 Wait a second
9 See your webcam on the internet
10 .......